Free Workshop Webinar for Chairs

There's another way to be a great Chair.

 It works. It matters. It's time.

The purpose of this event is threefold:


Suzanne is the Developer and Creator of The Contribution Approach and Author of the upcoming book 'The Contribution Effect'.

Duration: 90 Minutes

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The Recording Will Be Available Until March 7, 2015. Enjoy!

Join us and discover:

  • The Contribution Mapping Process and how it can help you get crystal clear on your Unique Contribution as a Chair.
  • How The Contribution Approach can help you attract great members through Contribution and Service ... not selling!
  •  The 5 Steps to build a Contribution-Centered Chair practice that helps take your members to much higher levels of connectedness, transformation, and growth.  



Suzanne Livingston

(A.K.A. Chair Coach) 

Eric Palamer — Vistage Chair,

 Granite Bay, CA

Gadi Pollack - Leadership Coach /

Vistage Chair, Houston, TX

First, It's about getting the word out that there's another way, It's called The Contribution Approach. It works, and it's time. I'm very passionate about the fact that it's clearly time for all of us to step up and start doing business in a way that is more evolved, contribution-centered, and selling and manipulation-free. 

Secondly, I want to give you some jump-start tools; things you can take with you and start using right away.  I will share as much as I can with you in the 90 minutes we'll have together, making sure you walk away with specific things you can do to get started.  

Thirdly, for those of you that would like additional support, this event will also serve as an introduction to the Chairs Only program I'll be doing this spring.  It's been over a year since I've been able to offer a program that is exclusively for Chairs, and as usual, it will be a small intimate group of hand selected, Contribution-Centered Chairs. 

"Since I started the program I filled my group and successfully launched two more! I had a shift in perspective on begin a Chair and a person.  I defined and communicated my unique mission and contribution and that gave more meaning and purpose to my role.  Chairing has become easier, more effective, and more fun!"

“My mindset shifted. I got clear on my Unique Contribution and as a result decided my best direction.

Now, I approach my work and building my business as my calling rather than something I have to sell to be successful.”

Ozzie Gontang — CEO Master Chair/Mentor/Coach-Vistage Int’l

Mark Taylor - Chair, Vistage NYC,

International Speaker and Author

“Suzanne helped me finally get clear on what my Unique Contribution is, and that has made a huge difference for me.

Instead of trying to live up to other people’s ideas of what I should be doing, I am now free to focus on what God put me here to do.

Peace and joy are now much more prevalent in my life!”

“I went from 15 members to 50! When I first started in Suzanne’s program I was suffering about building my group. I would add a member and then lose one. I wasn’t having fun. I had become a Chair because I wanted to make a difference, but I was suffering so much with building my group it didn’t feel like I was making the difference I wanted to be making. I felt more like a door-to-door salesman than a Chair.

Everything changed once I joined the program. I moved from selling to Contribution as a way of being. I became much more self-aware and clear on what my Contribution is and how to articulate it in ways that are attractive to my Ideal Member Candidates. 

As a result of all of this I’m now having a lot more fun and not suffering about building my groups anymore. 

I’m very grateful for the learning that has happened for me. I was suffering a lot a year ago, and now I’m having fun, making my Contribution, and Chairing the way I envisioned I would. Thanks again.”

Patrica Allgood — Chair Vistage International, Atlanta, GA

Doug Bouey - Chair, TEC 


“Thank you! Thank you! You are a blessing to anyone who has the opportunity to work with you. I’ve worked with the best in the self-awareness business, and you are right up there in your insight, your ability to create a safe space, and to assist others to transform!

And, it surprised me that what I really wanted from our work together went well beyond launching my new group. The interaction with you, the questions you asked, the tools and homework you gave me were all the best. It was so worth it! I gained much more than I expected!”

"After decades of being a Chair I was beginning to lose hope. My group was imploding and I contemplated quitting the work I was called to do.

Then I met Suzanne and she modeled another way to do things. She actually did with me what she teaches others to do. I wanted some of that. I wanted to learn how she did what she does. So I dove in.

In a short time the work reinvigorated me, and I became recommitted to making the difference I am here to make.

Suzanne showed me that my Unique Contribution was always there. She helped me mine it and gave me the conviction to put it in the driver’s seat. That changed my stance in the world.

The depression and loss of hope that had become my companions lifted and were replaced with a passion I thought was long gone.

My group went from imploding to being recognized by the top speakers who visit groups all over the world as one of the most fabulous, fantastic, and high-performing groups they have seen. 

This work not only changed my life, it changed the lives of many others.  Thank you."

Laurie Riquelmy – Vistage Chair,

Lake Charles · Lafayette · 

Baton Rouge. LA

“Suzanne has helped me connect my thoughtful purpose with a soul-inspired vision of long-term contribution. This clarity of meaning has inspired me to take a different path than I have walked before, requiring a new level of courage and new competencies to embrace my continuing transformation.

She has been masterful in helping me stay mindful of the vision of contribution as I navigate this uncharted path, and she reminds me that the seemingly safe shore from which I have left, is not safe at all but really a trap of comfort and complacency.

Net, net….I now have a new passion and sense of fulfillment in my work and life and a guide in staying the course.”

Greg Behm - Vistage Chair,

Baltimore, MD/Denver, CO

Jim Jelinek - Vistage Chair,

 Canton, OH

“I had no idea going into this that I would discover so much about myself, how I show up and why, how I have limited who I am, and the impact my life can have.

I am doing the work of being a Vistage Chair with a fresh perspective and higher level of confidence, and that is also carrying over into other areas of my life, including church, family, and friendships.

I live each day now with a deeper understanding of myself, and the intention to not hold back from who I was born to be and to use all of the unique gifts and experiences that have brought me to where I am.

I have changed how I generate qualified candidates. My Selection Interviews are totally different, and it’s working well. And I am no longer going at this as a sales process. Being in selection is so totally different, and better.”

 “Suzanne is a very effective leader and lives her contribution. She is a good teacher and role model.”

Philip Liebman – Vistage Chair,

 Greater New York

Lauryn Rice — Group Chair

 Vistage International, San Diego

“The work with Suzanne forced my purpose to become clear. My relationship to my mission and my members has changed. I no longer have anxiety about members leaving or coming aboard. I own my work and my time now.

Contribution is very real in tangible ways and my work and my business are better and more fun! And, I built my second group completely from Contribution and it happened with more ease and a lot more fun.”

 “Suzanne’s ability to listen and to be present models what is capable when one is living out their unique contribution. Her work touches the spirit of mindfulness of being non-judgmental and non-attached to an outcome, rather to find those who resonate with one’s unique gifts to the world that only they can give. A realization that all creatures are unique and have something special to share by just being. Being present, Being awake, Being non-judgmental. Creating a community where people feel honored, loved and respected because they realize it starts within themselves.”

There's another way. It works. It's time.